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1 Hong Kong Government http://www.info.gov.hk/
2 Hong Kong Marine Department (HKMD) http://www.mardep.gov.hk/
3 Japan Coast Guard (JCG) http://www.kaiho.mlit.go.jp/
4 Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transpo http://www.mlit.go.jp/
5 Korea(South) Korea.net http://www.korea.net/
6 Korea Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries http://www.momaf.go.kr/main/main.asp
7 Port State Control of Russia Far East http://www.pma.ru/
8 Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore http://www.mpa.gov.sg/
9 Belgian Federal Government On Line http://www.belgium.be
10 Bulgarian Government http://www.government.bg/
11 Croatian Government http://www.vlada.hr/
12 Cyprus Government http://www.pio.gov.cy/
13 Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping http://www.shipping.gov.cy/
14 Denmark Ministry of Transport http://www.trm.dk/sw232.asp
15 Estonian Government http://www.riik.ee/en/
16 Finnish Government http://www.valtioneuvosto.fi/vn/liston/base.lsp
17 Finnish Maritime Administration http://www.fma.fi/
18 France Service Public http://www.service-public.fr/
19 Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport andHousing http://www.equipement.gouv.fr/
20 Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of German http://www.bsh.de/de/index.jsp
21 Hellenic Government http://www.government.gr/
22 Ministry of Transportation and Communication http://www.yme.gov.gr/mot/greek/index_html
23 Government Office of Iceland http://government.is/
24 Ministry of Fishery Iceland http://brunnur.stjr.is
25 Government of Ireland http://www.irlgov.ie/
26 Latvia Ministry of Transport http://www.sam.gov.lv/news/
27 Lithuania Ministry of Transport and Communication http://www.transp.lt/
28 Luxembourg Commissariat aux Affairs Maritime http://www.etat.lu/
29 Official Web Site of the Principality of Monaco http://www.gouv.mc/
30 Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Mana http://www.verkeerenwaterstaat.nl/?lc=nl
31 ODIN - Gateway to Norwegian Government Ministries http://odin.dep.no/odin/norsk/index-b-n-a.html
32 Norway Ministry of Transport and Communications http://odin.dep.no/sd/engelsk/
33 Norway Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS http://www.nis-nor.no/
34 Norway Department of Fisheries http://odin.dep.no/fid/
35 Romania Government of Romania http://www.gov.ro/
36 Ministry of Public Works, Transports and Housing http://www.mt.ro/
37 The Republic of Slovenia http://www.sigov.si/
38 Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) http://www.sjofartsverket.se
39 Slovenia Ministry of Transport http://www.gov.si/mpz/
40 U.K. Government Gateway http://www.gateway.gov.uk/
41 U.K. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) http://www.mcga.gov.uk/c4mca/mcga-home
42 Canada Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) http://www.ccg-gcc.gc.ca/
43 Canada Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System http://www.greatlakes-seaway.com/
44 Canada Transport Canada, Marine Safety http://www.tc.gc.ca/MarineSafety/
45 Mexico Secritaria de Communicaciones y Transportes http://www.sct.gob.mx/
46 U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) http://www.dot.gov/
47 Alaska, Department of Transportation (Alaska DOT) http://www.dot.state.ak.us/
48 California, Department of Transportation (Californ http://www.dot.ca.gov/
49 Florida, Department of Transportation -Florida DOT http://www.dot.state.fl.us/
50 Georgia, Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT http://www.dot.state.ga.us/
51 New York, Department of Transportation (New York D http://www.dot.state.ny.us/
52 Oregon, Department of Transportation (Oregon DOT) http://www.odot.state.or.us/home/
53 Rhode Island, Department of Transportation http://www.dot.state.ri.us/
54 Texas, Department of Transportation (Texas DOT) http://www.dot.state.tx.us/
55 Virginia, Department of Transportation (Virginia D http://virginiadot.org/
56 Washington, Department of Transportation http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/
57 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration http://www.noaa.gov/
58 U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) http://www.uscg.mil/USCG.shtm
59 Barbados Ships Registry http://www.barbadosmaritime.com/
60 The Panama Registry (Panama Maritime Authority) http://www.segumar.com/
61 http://www.pancanal.com/ The Panama Canal
62 Departamento de Transportacion y Obras Publicas http://www.dtop.gov.pr/
63 Australia fed.gov.au http://www.fed.gov.au/KSP/
64 Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia(AFFA) http://www.affa.gov.au/
65 Fiji Government Online http://www.fiji.gov.fj/
66 Federated States of Micronesia http://www.fsmgov.org/
67 New Zealand Government Online http://www.govt.nz/
68 New Zealand Ministry of Transport http://www.transport.govt.nz/
69 New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries http://www.fish.govt.nz/
70 Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand http://www.msa.govt.nz/
71 Papua New Guinea Online.gov http://www.pngonline.gov.pg/
72 Government of the Republic of Vanuatu http://www.vanuatugovernment.gov.vu/
73 Egypt Government Online http://www.alhokoma.gov.eg/
74 Guinea The Republic of Guinea http://www.guinee.gov.gn/
75 Mauritius Government of Mauritius http://ncb.intnet.mu/govt/
76 Kingdom of Morocco http://www.mincom.gov.ma/
77 Republic of Senegal http://www.gouv.sn/
78 South Africa Government Online http://www.gov.za/
79 South Africa Department of Transport http://www.transport.gov.za/
80 Tanzania The United Republic of Tanzania http://www.tanzania.go.tz/
81 Republic of Togo http://www.republicoftogo.com/fr/home.asp

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