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1 AMRIE (Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe) http://www.amrie.org
2 Association of Australian Ports and  Marine Authorities Incorporated (AAPMA) http://aapma.org
3 Australian Shipowners` Association (ASA) http://www.asa.com.au
4 Australian Ship Repairs Group (ASRG) http://www.bmec.org.uk
5 Belgian Shipowners` Association http://www.brv.be
6 BIC (Bureau International des Containers) http://www.bic-code.org
7 BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime council) http://www.bimco.dk
8 BPO (Baltic Ports Organization) http://www.bpoports.com
9 Brazil - Sindicato Nacional das Empresas de Navegacao Maritima (SYNDARMA) http://www.syndarma.org.br
10 Bulgaria -Bourgas Marine Association (BMA) http://www.bourgas.net/business/bma/
11 Canada - Canadian Marine Manufacturers` Association (CMMA) http://www.cmma.ca
12 Canada - Canadian Shipowners` Association http://www.shipowners.ca
13 Canada -Chamber of Maritime Commerce (CMC) http://www.cmc-ccm.com
14 Canada - Chamber of Shipping of British Colombia (CSBC) http://www.chamber-of-shipping.com
15 Canada Shipbuilding Association of Canada http://www.shipbuilding.ca
16 Canada - Shipping Federation of Canada http://www.shipfed.ca
17 CEDA (Central Dredging Associations) http://www.dredging.org
18 CESA (Committee of European Union Shipbuilders` Associations) http://www.cesa-shipbuilding.org
19 CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) http://www.cruising.org
20 CMI (Comite Maritime International) http://www.comitemaritime.org
21 Croatia - Association of Ship Brokers and Agents of Croatia (ASBAC) http://www.asbac.hr
22 Cyprus Shipping Council (CSC) http://www.csc-cy.org
23 Denmark - Association of Danish Shipbuilder http://www.shipbuilders.dk
24 Denmark - Association of Danish Ports http://www.danske-havne.dk
25 Denmark - Danish Shipowners` Association http://www.danishshipping.com
26 Denmark - Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering http://www.skibstekniskselskab.dk
27 DTF (Diesel Technology Forum) http://www.dieselforum.org
28 ECSA (European Community Shipowners` Association) http://www.ecsa.be
29 EHLG (European Heavy Lift Group) http://www.ehlg.org
30 EMA (Engine Manufacturers Association) http://www.engine-manufacturers.org
31 EMEC (European Marine Equipment Council) http://www.emec-marine-equipment.org
32 EMPA (European Maritime Pilots Association) http://www.empa-pilots.org
33 EMSA (European Maritime Step Association) http://emsa.germanlloyd.org
34 ESC (European Shippers` Council) http://www.europeanshippers.com
35 ESPO (European Sea Ports Organization) http://www.espo.be
36 FCCA (Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association) http://www.f-cca.com
37 Finland - Finnish Port Association http://www.finnports.com
38 Finland - Finnish Ship Brokers Association http://www.shipbrokers.fi
39 FONASBA (Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokersand Agents http://www.fonasba.com
40 France - Association of French Marine Equipment Manufacturers (COFRENA) http://www.cofrena.org
41 France - Chambre Sydicale des Constructeurs de Navires (CSCN) http://www.cscn.fr
42 France - Federation Fancaise des Pilotes Maritimes (FFPM) http://www.pilotes-maritimes.fr
43 France - French Port Association http://www.port.fr
44 France - French Shipowners` Association (CCAF) http://www.ccaf.asso.fr
45 Germany - German Ship Suppliers Association (VDS) http://www.shipsuppliers.de
46 Germany - German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM) http://www.vsm.de
47 Germany - Marine and  Offshore Equipment Industries (VDMA) http://www.vdma.org
48 Greece - Hellenic Chamber of Shipping http://www.nee.gr
49 Greece - Hellenic Shipbrokers Association (HSA) http://www.hsa.gr
50 Hong Kong Shipowners` Association http://www.hksoa.org
51 IACP (International Association Cities and Ports) http://www.aivp.com
52 IADC (International Association of Dredging Companies) http://www.iadc-dredging.com
53 IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) http://www.iadc.org
54 IALA (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) http://www.beta.ialahq.org
55 IAPH (International Association of Ports and Harbors) http://www.iaphworldports.org
56 ICCL (International Council of Cruise Lines) http://www.iccl.org
57 ICHCA (International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association) http://www.ichca.org.uk
58 ICS (International Chamber of Shipping) http://www.marisec.org/ics/
59 ICSW (International Committee on Seafarers` Welfare) http://www.seafarerswelfare.org
60 IFSMA (International Federation of Shipmasters` Associations) http://www.ifsma.org
61 IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors) http://www.iicl.org
62 IMCA (International Maritime Contractors Association) http://www.imca-int.com
63 IMEC (International Maritime Employers` Committee) http://www.marisec.org/imec/
64 IMPA (International Maritime Pilots` Association) http://www.impahq.org
65 INTERCARGO (International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners) http://www.intercargo.org
66 INTERTANKO (International Association of Independent Taker Owners) http://www.intertanko.com
67 ISES (International Ship Electrical and Engineering Service Association) http://www.isesassociation.com
68 ISF (International Shipping Federation) http://www.marisec.org/isf/
69 ISMA (International Ship Managers` Association) http://www.isma-london.org
70 ISOA (International Support Vessel Owners` Association) http://www.marisec.org/isoa/
71 ISSA (International Ship Suppliers Association) http://www.shipsupply.org
72 ISU (International Salvage Union) http://www.marine-salvage.com
73 Italian Ship & Yacht Brokers Association (ISYBA) http://www.isyba.it
74 ITOPF (International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation) http://www.itopf.com
75 ITS (International Transport Workers` Federation) http://www.itf.org.uk
76 IUA (International Underwriting Association) http://www.iua.co.uk
77 Japan Harbor Transportation Association (JHTA) http://www.transport.or.jp/JHTA/
78 Japan Port and Harbour Association http://www.phaj.or.jp
79 Japan Shipping Exchange Inc. (JSE) http://www.jseinc.org
80 Japanese Marine Equipment Association (JSMEA) http://www.jsmea.or.jp
81 Korea Deep Sea Fisheries Association (KODEFA) http://www.kodefa.or.kr
82 Korea Shipbuilders` Association (KSA) http://www.koshipa.or.kr
83 Korea Shipowners` Association - Korea Nearsea Freight Conference (KNFC) http://www.knfc.or.kr
84 MEDCRUISE (Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports) http://www.medcruise.com
85 MIF (Maritime Industries Forum) http://www.mif-eu.org
86 MTS (Marine Technology Society) http://www.mtsociety.org
87 Netherlands -Holland Marine Equipment Association (HME) http://www.hme.nl
88 Netherlands - Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR) http://www.kvnr.nl
89 Netherlands - Netherlands` Shipbuilding  Industry Association (VNSI) http://www.vnsi.nl
90 New Zealand - New Zealand Shipping Federation (NZSF) http://nzsf.org
91 Norway - Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association (NOSCA) http://www.nosca.no
92 Norway - Norwegian Pilots` Association http://www.norsklos.com
93 Norway - Norwegian Ship Brokers Association http://www.shipbroker.no
94 Norway - Norwegian Shipowners` Association (NSA) http://www.rederi.no
95 PIANC - AIPCN (International Navigation Association) http://www.pianc-aipcn.org
96 Portuguese Ports Association - Associacao dos Portos de Portugal (APP) http://www.cidadevirtual.pt/apajp/
97 SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators) http://www.sigtto.org
98 Spain - Asociacion de Navieros Espanoles (ANAVE) http://www.anave.es
99 Spain - Basque Country Maritime Industries Association (ADIMDE) http://www.adimde.es
100 Spain - Union Espanola de Constructores Navales (UNINAVE) http://www.uninave.es
101 Swedish Ship Brokers Association http://www.swe-shipbroker.se
102 Swedish Shipowners` Association http://www.sweship.se
103 Travl Tips (Cruise & Freighter Travel Association) http://www.travltips.com
104 UK - Association of British Oil Industries (ABPI) http://www.bmec.org.uk/Public/ABOI/
105 UK - British Marine Equipment Association (BMEA) http://www.bmec.org.uk/Public/BMEA/
106 UK -British Marine Equipment Council (BMEC) http://www.bmec.org.uk
107 UK -British Marine Industries Federation (BMIF) http://www.bmif.co.uk
108 UK - British Naval Equipment Association (BNEA) http://www.bmec.org.uk/Public/BNEA/
109 UK - British Oil Spill Control Association (BOSCA) http://www.bmec.org.uk/Public/BOSCA/
110 UK - Ports and Terminals Group (PTG) http://www.bmec.org.uk/Public/PTG/
111 UK - British Ports Association (BPA) http://www.britishports.org.uk
112 UK - Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association (SSA) http://www.ssa.org.uk
113 USA - American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) http://www.aapa-ports.org.
114 USA - American Fisheries Society (AFS) http://www.fisheries.org
115 USA - American Shipbuilding Association (ASA) http://www.americanshipbuilding.com
116 USA - American Waterways Operators (AWO) http://www.americanwaterways.com
117 USA - American Pilots Association (APA) http://members.aol.com/CaptSDay/apa.html
118 USA - Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) http://cmaconnect.com
119 USA - Lake Carriers` Association http://www.lcaships.com
120 USA - National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) http://www.nmea.org
121 USA - US Naval Institute http://www.usni.org
122 USA - Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) http://www.pmanet.org
123 WEDA (Western Dredging Associations) http://www.wesda.org
124 WODA (World Organization of Dredging Associations) http://www.woda.org

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